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Artist background
Venus & the Octopus

Venus & the Octopus

Stockholm, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse

Rock , Pop

Venus & the Octopus is spearheaded by J. Barrett and M. Miljand. Barrett is a relative of Abraham Lincoln and grew up with one foot in Philadelphia and the other in the cold chilly Sweden, spending summers in Rhode Island coastal paradise as the Kennedy’s did before him. Miljand was raised in the student town of Uppsala, beginning to play the piano at the age of four. During his childhood, drums and guitars surrounded him along with the paperwork and stacks of books belonging to his father, a writer. But it was first in middleschool, these two, pimpled face boys met for the first time. Hairspray, nIke windbreakers and a piano created a special relationship between these two boys. Here you have their anthems. After you have eaten their songs, a dessert to look forward to is Nordpolens cover of - X-mas Day (With Split Parents) - which will appear on his forthcoming album.



  • Panda 16

    By Venus & the Octopus

  • Venus & the Octopus

    By Venus & the Octopus

  • Trouville sur Mer

    By Venus & the Octopus