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Artist background
Young G Freezy

Young G Freezy

Toronto, Canada


HipHop , Reggae , Vocal

Young G Freezy is a rap artist from Toronto Ontario Canada. He is part of Migos and works heavily with the southern Atlanta Rap Scene. He has worked with Snoop Dogg, DMX, UZI Vert, Crook$, Zaytoven and j money. He has released 13 studio albums. He has a Spotfy Radio Station as well as an involvment in Stacks Hollywood and Stacks Entertainment. He is also knows as ygfree his album The Way ft Migos has gone triple platinum. He is in works with Young Rich Nation. He has two mix tapes on dat piff, 13 albums on Apple and iTunes, as well as Spotify ,deezer, google play, Microsoft and various others. His albums Gutter Rat is based on his ex girlfriend who tried to frame him for rape and sue him for royalties. She ended up having the case dropped and paying his legal fees due to false and misleading actions. Young G Freezy is considered the third top ranking hip hop artist in Toronto according to Reverb Nation. <br> <br> <br>young G Freey on iTunes <br>Young G Freezy on Spotify


  • White n Migo

    By Young G Freezy

  • Mr Freezy

    By Young G Freezy