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Artist background
The Nailings Stolen Colors

The Nailings Stolen Colors

Perm, Russian Federation


Rock , Country , Folk

Music band &quot;The Nailings Stolen Colors&quot; was created December 22, 2013 by its founder - Vasily Shabanov, but for a long time dont do a live performances, and release their material only two years later. The main guidelines for sound of the band has always been such US bands like Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, folk singers Hank Williams, Bobby Jameson, Bob Dylan. <br>At the moment, the band plays acoustic rock, but the priority is to psychedelic rock, to which has not yet been reached in the absence of tools, as well as people who want to play in a band. <br>May 7, 2014 has been announced the first album, which got the same name as the band. <br>August 26, 2015 they released their first album. Recording took place in the city of Gubakha, Perm, Russia from 6 July to 26 August 2015. <br>November 23, 2015 was announced a mini-album titled &quot;Our Happiness&quot;. And released on December 14, 2015. Recording took place in the city of Perm, Perm region in the period from 23 November to 14 December. <br>July 23, 2016 they released their second album, &quot;Just Let Him Singing&quot;, which compared to previous releases of the group got much quality sound. All the songs in the album have Russian titles, and each song is sung in Russian. <br>August 17, 2016 received his release third album &quot;Old Case&quot;. The album became the first material of the group, where plays not only one person on the instruments. Percussion in the song &quot;Shattered Dreams&quot; takes Andrey Tokarev, and main designer of the album became Edward Masleev. He created a main cover for the album, and the design for physical copies. <br>On 3 September 2016 the band released their fourth official album - &quot;Get Something Going&quot;. This album is full packed with instrumental songs, like their first EP, and recorded as a soundtrack for two computer games. <br>The first performance of the group began a series of performances in the Anti-cafe &quot;Paradox&quot;, the city of Perm in May and June 2016. The first three performances of the group held in the same place, and the maximum of participants reached up to three people (second performance).



  • The Nailings Stolen Colors

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