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Artist background
Freddy Caused Pain

Freddy Caused Pain

Øygarden City, Norway



Freddy Caused Pain from Øygarden on the west coast of Norway is a young band, but they have achieved lots in such a short lifespan, and are now reconed as one of Norways finest and most promising up&coming punkbands! they released their second Single "The Heretic in Their Ranks!" recorded by Bjarne Stensli(Harrys Gym) in 2011. <br> <br>They've been together since June 2009 and have been working hard to get their name and music out there! 2013 will be a year of lots of shows, touring and releasing of the EP "A New Beginning" in march, a project wich the boys have put massive effort into! these guys are a force to be reconed with in the developing punk stage in Bergen/Norway, so watch out and be ready for an awesome year! <br> <br>Review: <br>NyMusikkHverDag: <br>"Freddy Caused Pain is a young Band with about three thousand kilograms of energy and enthusiasm in their fingers and voices. energetic punkrock with clear elements of pop, without being too sugar sweet because of that. By the way, they are very young watch out for this.. Great pop-punk/rock! " <br>



  • Our Place in Society

    By Freddy Caused Pain