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Artist background
Ass & The Frenchmen

Ass & The Frenchmen

Gränna, Sweden

Recruited By: Scout - 24

Rock , Folk

The raw, rattle sound of Ass & The Frenchmen was born in the year of 2005, in the forgotten woods of southern Sweden... A few gigs and some dropouts later the band was put on hold for a bigger comeback... Rumours started in the spring of 2009, when new songs started to pop up on Myspace that Ass & The Frenchmen finally got there act togheter...But it took time!.... In december 2009 the first rehearsal with the new line-up of Ass & The Frenchmen took place in a cellar underneath the local goldsmith in Gränna, Sweden. The chemestry were there right from the start and a feeling that "this is it" took place in all of us... Our common love for slightly weird things and obscure behaviour, mixed with foreign folksongs and late nights was the exactly right ingredients for the band..... With influences like Tom Waits, Marilyn Manson, Gogol Bordello and 16 Horsepower, Ass & The Frenchmen found there scene... We are now ready more then ever to come out and perform!.. Dirty, humorous and provocative..... Here to stay, to drink and to play...



  • Rust In Wine

    By Ass & The Frenchmen

  • Vive Le Cul

    By Ass & The Frenchmen

  • Anti Gravitation

    By The Drit

  • In the name of Doom

    By Guds lille Narr

  • Reducing Anxiety "EP"

    By Ass & The Frenchmen

  • Parent Approved Substitute

    By Ass & The Frenchmen

  • Live in Tranås 08.10.2010

    By Ass & the Frenchmen

  • One Night in Paris

    By Ass & The Frenchmen