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Artist background
Bulldog Mack

Bulldog Mack

Stockholm, Sweden

Recruited By: Hasse


- Uh breaker 1-9 this here's the Rubber Duck. <br>I've got something for yer listening and visual pleasure, Bulldog Mack! <br>These Diesel n' Rubber junkies been rollin' since 2010. They said: <br>"Give us a stage and we'll tear it down (if not with our Truck n' Roll music, well we'll just bring in the Mack truck to finish the show)" <br>A four piece search n' destroy army of Rock n' Roll soldiers who's gonna introduce ya'll to your very first experience with true live danger... <br> <br>- Well 10-4 all of you highway rapists and delinquent dragracing gearheads, don't miss out on this action. <br>Oh and ladies, think twice before entering the cabin with these rockers... bye bye!



  • Love in reverse

    By Bulldog Mack

  • Stack 'em up

    By Bulldog Mack