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Artist background
Vacancy Labour

Vacancy Labour

Linköping, Sweden



Vacancy Labour is a band based in Linköping, Sweden, that plays alternative indie rock with post rock vibes. They have been described as having a grand, fluid sound, and as a confident indie rock act. The electronic vibes and the melodies reminiscent of such bands as Interpol, Depeche Mode and Tiger Lou combine into sometimes fragile, other times explosive tracks. A concert is often divided into moods that can be paralleled with those of a story and the lyrics are often expressionistic and even somewhat introvert at times. However the act itself is hand delivered right into the audience’s face and the show is often sweaty and intense. Every song is a loving kick in the stomach, a deafening lullaby.



  • Walpurgis Night

    By Vacancy Labour

  • Sakura, Sakura

    By Vacancy Labour