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Artist background
Pussy Galore

Pussy Galore


Recruited By: Scout - 24


..The band started out as a punkband in 1977, in Halmstad. Spott was the name of the group. Anders Glambeck (handled the bass back then) and Lasse pop on drums, are the only two original members still in the band. Perra Ivarsson (A local guitar hero) and famous stand up comedian and actor Peter Wahlbeck on vocals, were the other founder members. A lot of namechanges and a lot of people walking in and out of the band followed. Anders took over as leadvocalist as soon as Peter W left. Peter Rode joined the entourage in 1980 and the band took on a more glamorientated direction. Peter, Anders and Lasse were heavily influenced by New york dolls, Stooges and MC 5. Nikki shared the same musical view and Pussy Galore had found a rocksteady bassist. This formation recorded a lot of demos and giged a lot, all over Sweden. In 1984 the foursome decided to take in another guitarplayer, to "fatten up" their sound. Feje, a guy from malmoe, with the same musical taste as the others, joined. As a five piece, the band recorded a 4 track maxisingle, the trashbeat and blues, on Highscore records. The band kept on doing gigs, but imploded in the beginning of 1986, due to drugrelated problems. Feje disapperad into obscurity. Anders moved to Stockholm, kept the bandname and started up Pussy Galore MII with local musicians. Recorded another maxi single under the name Pussy Galore. Peter and Nikki started up a new combo called Bad mothers (a very good band). Fun enough, the leadvocalist in BM was none other than, Anders younger brother, Magnus. Lasse joined childhood friends and fellow punx in Candystore. This punkcombo giged a lot and appears on one of the Riot on the rocks compilations, with selfpenned semihit, You. But all the bands that former PG members played in split up, one after another. The years went by until summer of 2009. Lasse and Peter met by coincidence and started talk about doing something together again. Around the same time, Lasse got connected with Anders (now living in Malmoe) via facebook. The vibes felt good and a couple of phonecalls later, to Anders and Nikki (now living in Gothenburg) Pussy Galore was back on track. Lasses old guitarpal from Candystore, Mikael "Divine" Davidson, was recruited as a replacement for Feje. It was 25 years since the bandmembers were in the same room (or even town) together. First reahersal sounded as great as it ever did, and a decision to start up the band again, was made. A reunion gig was held of Februari 6th 2010. The venue was sold out and Pussy galore were a happy family again. As of writing a new 3 track cd is being recorded and is due to be released in September 2010. The band has started doing gigs on a regular basis so "catch them before they snuff it"………..again!!!!!..



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    By Pussy Galore