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Artist background





Bonedog was formed on Christmas Eve 2009 in a sauna where drummer <br>Michael Andersson was relaxing with some friends and a few beers, <br>talking about that he would like to start a new band together with his <br>bass buddy Peter Forss that would just do originals. His friends convinced <br>him to call up his old friend Mikael Ladréhn even though it was <br>Christmas, and about an hour later Peter got a call from Michael saying <br>they now had a band. On January 4 they met for the first time in Peter’s <br>studio and they all felt right away that this was it, they were a perfect <br>match. They started writing songs right away and hit the record button <br>as soon as the songs where finished, right on the spot where they were <br>written. Michael’s straight solid drumming together with Peter’s <br>basslines made a perfect foundation for Mikael’s heavy bluesriffs and <br>soulful vocals, bringing back the good old days of Zeppelin, Whitesnake <br>and ZZ top but with a modern touch, though keeping it simple and alive. <br> <br>About a year later after lots of rehearsing, recording and celebrated <br>livegigs they released there debut album “Blame the cat” and now it’s time <br>to take it to the next level. Only the future will tell… <br> <br>



  • Desert storm

    By Bonedog

  • Blame the cat

    By Bonedog