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Artist background


Stockholm, Sweden



The band Mike plays melodic California punk rock. The Swedish rock radio station, Bandit, voted Mike as the best unsigned band in the Stockholm area. <br> <br>"Pretty much every song on "Save The Day" has infectious choruses, catchy, singalongable verses and an instrumental landscape guaranteed to give any melodic punk rock fan drooly lips from start to finish. That Mike sounds a lot like NUFAN on one song, even more like Millencolin on another and even brings in NOFX references isn't problematic at all, if you ask me. These are some of the best bands the punk rock scene has to offer, and since Mike is able to write an album's worth of great songs on par with the heavyweights, why not let them? With "Save The Day", Mike has undoubtedly made it on my list of great punk rock releases in 2008 - why on earth aren't they signed to Fat Wreck or Burning Heart already?!" - <br> <br>



  • The Lost Tapes

    By MIKE

  • Here we go again

    By MIKE

  • Save the day

    By MIKE