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Artist background
Beaumont Livingston

Beaumont Livingston

Milan, Italy



The Beaumont Livingston born in the 2007 from the idea of Ciro &quot;Mr. Cherry&#39;&#39; Iacoviello (bass) and Mario Orefice “the cool thing” (guitar / vocals) to create a musical project that would be close to their musical influences and sounds. They begun with their first musical experiences, inspired and drawn to the musicality of the dusty desert sessions. <br>In a time when the two had closed earlier projects, they contact with Antonio Ulto (drums) who involves in the project Rocco &quot;Acid Rocket&#39;&#39; Palumbo (vocals / guitar). With this group for two years they attended the festival scene of Italy that made it possible to obtain a necessary cohesion to compose some songs of their first album, &quot;Heavens &amp; Fantasies.&#39;&#39; <br>In the role of drummer there was been the substitution with Silvio &quot;The Lieutenant&#39;&#39; Cogliano with whom they finished composing and mastering of the eight tracks of &quot;Heavens &amp; Fantasies&#39;&#39;. <br>BL has a rock sound, compact and powerful in its simplicity contaminated by stoner scene. In 2010, Hot Lips is included in the Sludge Swamp Comp III (stoner/doom comp that includes tracks from independent artists) in a version recorded by BL in their studio. Speed Up, the first track of their first album, says &quot;... here the days are all the same ... slowly rolling to nowhere ... you know, we need a change…keep on speedin’ up until we’re far enough&#39;&#39; and this is the sense of whole project. The music as an escape from a flat reality. <br> <br> <br>


  • Heavens & fantasies

    By Beaumont Livingston

  • Cain's reign

    By Beaumont Livingston