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ABOUT iPluggers

iPluggers is a ground-breaking online platform for worldwide digital radio promotion which enables artists and labels to plug their new releases fast and efficiently to radio stations worldwide.
They release to more than 30.000 radio stations. These are FM, AM, internet, digital, satellite, local and regional radio stations all over the world.
The way it works is that these radio stations have signed up for an account and selected which music genres they want to receive. Your music is then plugged efficiently and purposefully to music directors, music programmers and DJs.
iPluggers also offer real time airplay reports which provide transparency and insight in how often and by which radio stations in which countries your music has been downloaded for airplay.
Discounted rates for Record Union users: 
Single up to 2 tracks:  € 225 (save €25!)
EP up to 8 tracks:  € 338 (save €37!)
Album up to 15 tracks: € 450 (save €50!)


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