Apply to become a Record Union A&R

Our A&R Program gives you a unique opportunity to support your local music scene and help artists from your network.

If you haven’t read the overview yet, check it out before you apply.

Good to know:

  • The A&R Network is a referral program. You should let artists know that your unique sign-up link is an affiliate marketing link.
  • A&R reps are not employed by Record Union. Do not present yourself as our employee or agent.
  • The commission you earn does not affect the artists’ royalties. Artists earn the same royalty rates if they sign up directly or via your link, but they’ll get one free year if they use your link.
  • The artists retain 100% of the rights to their music.
  • It is not permitted for A&R reps to create releases using their own A&R links, or for any customers to create multiple accounts via A&R links. Violating our terms and conditions could result in the suspension of your A&R account, forfeiture of commission and removal of releases from music platforms.
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