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  • Are you a music guru?
    Become an A&R with Record Union

    A&R's act as ambassadors for Record Union, engaging talented
    artists and explaining to them what Record Union can offer.

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About the A&R network

A&R's play an important role at Record Union – here is an overview of what it’s all about.

What is an A&R?

A&R's act as ambassadors for Record Union, engaging talented artists and offering them introductory discounts on distribution.

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A&R roles

A&R's get a unique set of tools which enables them to invite and recruit artists. Through the Roster Page A&R's can keep track of recruited artists, and help spread their music.

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Record Union will reward A&R's for all new artists that they recruit by giving away a percentage of royalties that they generate. This will come from Record Unions cut and will not affect the artists royalty share.

Is the A&R role something for you?

Here is an overview explaining what it means to be a part of Record Unions A&R Network

Who can become an A&R?

The A&R role is open to individuals and organizations who are involved with music. Previous experience with music, digital media and promotion is a bonus.

A&R's offer to artists

A&R's can offer great introductory deals to new artists they recruit. These include free distribution as well as exclusive promotional opportunities.

What does an A&R earn?

A&R's can earn up to 7.5% of the combined sales that the artists they recruit achieve. This is paid out to their A&R account on behalf of Record Union.

  • Why become an A&R?

    Becoming an A&R gives you a unique position from which to support your local music scene artists from your network.

  • Is the A&R role a job?

    A&R's are not employed by Record Union, but rather act as representatives and ambassadors for the service.

  • How do I apply?

    To apply for an A&R position, click one of the APPLY buttons on this page! You will then be asked to submit an A&R application which we will follow up.